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Surrounded by angels, floating atop of the sea.
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A lover of the oceans, a friend of the seas.

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My name is Marvin, I'm 20 years old, and I am golden.

Here you will find:
Ferrets / Drag Queens
League of Legends / weed
shitty text posts / oceans
attractive men / music

Young man from Southern California. I'm a pretty well rounded fellow.

League of Legends: Marvthedestroyer

My [life photos] blog: nowsinkbacktothebottomofitall


Hey guys, I know some of you have already unfollowed me for my lack of posts these past few months, but it’s because I have a new blog 


k thanks :D


If anyone in California is interested in adopting a dog or a cat, Kerns County Animal Shelter ( one of the most disgraceful shelters in California ) is being shut down. Dogs are being sold for 15$ and cats for 5$ ( all are fixed with shots. )

Every animal will be put down by September 30th.

Go here for more information. 

Made a new tumblr.

I’m probably ditching this one for good.
Let me know if you want the new URL !!

I wont be on tumblr as much anymore.

I’m very disappointed

Hey, are you okay?


I’m dealing with some straight up bullshit. It’s not that big of a deal, I’m just a complainer. Thank you for asking though! <3

My heart just dropped. There’s no way…

Religious Views
Robert Delong





I wanna just get drunk and cry for the rest of the night hahahahah

i felt bad cos she was looking at people recording like “wtf why are you recording this? My hair is in a fan, I’ll see you in the streets, bitch.”

They’re talking about Beyonce’s hair mishap on the news.